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Yeahh, my name is Krysten. I smoke weed and I'm not lazy. I play varsity soccer. I probably don't like you and I don't give a fuck!! Welcomeee

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Miniature dogs by SuAmi

Omg I need all of these so tiny omg fuck dzah

(via i-cant-save-the-world)

(via jayseekah)

(via jayseekah)

I haven’t been sober
in over 3 weeks.
I miss being high off
someone’s kiss instead of
lines on bathroom sinks.

I’m dependent on something
living my life for me. I miss
feeling happy for no reason at all,
I wonder what it feels like to
not fiend over someone’s touch.

How does it feel to not be lonely?
How does it sound to not have
a zoo in your mind?

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